Jobst Heitzig heitzig-j at web.de
Wed Sep 21 15:35:04 PDT 2005

Dear Kevin!

You wrote:
> SFC talks about situations with a *sincere* CW. 

I thought the example you gave was the sincere preferences. If not, what
were the sincere preferences in that example and which was the sincere
CW in that example?

> Unfortunately, I don't believe SFC is worded as "the majority must have a
> way of voting..." The point is that this majority needn't do anything special.

Still, SFC only refers to situations where "nobody reverses a
preference", so SFC doesn't help when people insincerely order-reverse.
I'd rather have pretty good strategy-proofness against order-reversal,
which DMC provides better than wv-Condorcet as Forest showed, than
complete strategy-proofness against half-hearted strategies where the
strategizers don't order-reverse for some unknown reason...

Yours, Jobst

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