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Simmons, Forest simmonfo at up.edu
Wed Sep 21 10:07:18 PDT 2005

Kevin wrote (>) in response to my (>>):

>Also, there's a second election at this convention! Supposing the method used at
>this convention satisfies weak FBC, what have we gained (in terms of FBC compliance)
>by voting for delegates first?

>> Or are you just saying that although this method might come very close to satisfying the Strong
>> FBC, some other method like ICA, which completely satisfies the weak FBC would probably give
>> better results, since the voters have more control without having to attend the election
>> completion convention?

>I might say this, but I haven't understood why "this method might come very close
>to satisfying the Strong FBC."

I reply

All I mean is that I think it would be rare for a voter to mark someone other than her favorite candidate on the ballot that determines who her representative is at the election completion convention.
By delegating the dirty work, she avoids the stress of choosing between supporting the lesser evil directly or wasting her vote.  If I am not mistaken, this is what most voters want.
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