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Rob LeGrand honky1998 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 17:39:11 PDT 2005

Kevin Venzke wrote:
> As far as rank methods, you could also use ER-Bucklin(whole) or
> one version of Borda. Suppose the ballot is A=B>C=D=E>F>G.
> The FBC-friendly Borda variant counts 6 points to both A and B, 4
> points to each of CDE, 1 point to F, and zero to G.

Isn't that equivalent to Mike's Summed Ranks?  If there are k
candidates, then it gives each candidate k - 1 points minus the
number of points SR gives that candidate.

My objection to SR is that it rewards ranking your less-favored
frontrunner last, even if insincere, so frontrunners would be
generally disadvantaged and dark horses would tend to be elected.
Coombs and antiplurality have a similar effect.  It's the opposite
effect of that for which plurality and IRV are infamous, and it's
worse because it leads to extreme instability.

Rob LeGrand, psephologist
rob at approvalvoting.org
Citizens for Approval Voting

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