[EM] FBC comparison: WV, margins, MMPO, DMC

Jobst Heitzig heitzig-j at web.de
Thu Sep 8 15:08:56 PDT 2005

> Yes. He means that if you do not approve B, the strength of the B>C win will
> be inadequate to prevent C from winning.
> Because in the scenario, A can't win. So you are trying to reverse or weaken
> the A>B pairwise win in order to move the win from C to B.
> If you don't place B above the cutoff, then B>C is too weak to keep C from winning.
> If you place A above the cutoff, then A>B is too strong to allow B to win.
> If you have both of these pressures simultaneously, you are forced to rank
> B strictly above A.

Perhaps I'm blind, but I just don't see how this all should be the case
at the same time. Could you please give a concrete example of such a

Yours, Jobst

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