[EM] FBC comparison: WV, margins, MMPO, DMC

Jobst Heitzig heitzig-j at web.de
Thu Sep 8 13:32:46 PDT 2005

Dear Adam!
You wrote:

> Say your sincere ranking was A>B>cutoff>C.  Furthermore,
> assume that your approval of B is important to maintaining the strength
> of the B>C defeat.  
What do you mean by this? That when you don't approve of B, C will win?
> If it was necessary to reduce the strength of the
> A>B win, 
And what does this mean? Why is it "necessary" to reduce it when you
prefer A to B?
> wouldn't the necessary strategic vote then become B>cutoff>A>C,
> i.e. favorite betrayal?
I don't understand this at all, sorry... could you post an example?

Yours, Jobst

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