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Here is a mathematics based attempt answer to your question:

"Capturing the 'Will of the People'" By: Saari, Donald G.. Ethics,
Jan2003, Vol. 113 Issue 2, p333, 17p; (AN 9334442)

Oshkosh, WI

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> At 07:53 AM 9/29/2005, Stephen Turner wrote:
> >This is an interesting worldwide survey carried out by
> >the BBC and Gallup about:
> >(i) is your country governed by the will of the
> >people?
> >(ii) are your elections free and fair?
> >
> >About 65% of people answer "No" to the first.
> Interesting.
> What is the "will of the people"? Just curious!
> I have some idea what "the consent of the people," which is
> necessary 
> and sufficient for democracy, means, but not "will." 

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