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About MMPO, yes, SR is surely better than MMPO, because of the serious 
problem that you demonstrated MMPO to have. SR's only problem is Borda's 
strategy problem. Bad enough, but no so bad for electorates who are already 
going to strategize a lot anyway.

You wrote:

The FBC-friendly Borda variant counts 6 points to both A and B, 4 points to
each of CDE, 1 point to F, and zero to G.

I reply:

What are the rules of that version of Borda? Does it strictly meet FBC? I 
guess Borda meets FBC if all of your 1st-ranked candidates get the same top 
score that one would get in that rank position, without raising anyone 
else's score as a result of the equal top ranking.

Maybe one could say:

All top-ranked candidates share the score that Borda would give to a lone 
top-ranked candidate. Other candidates get the same score they would get if 
that equal ranking hadn't taken place.

That probably isn't a good way to word it. What is the wording of the 
FBC-complying Borda?

Anyway, SR is probably more simply-defined than FBC-complying Borda.

"The winner is the candidate with fewest candidates ranked over him/her, 
summed over all the ballots."

Good, then Borda needn't be so bad for public elections, though I prefer 
MDDA, MDDB, Approval, and SR to FBC-complying Borda.

Mike Ossipoff

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