[EM] "scored condorcet", etc

Gervase Lam gervase.lam at group.force9.co.uk
Mon Nov 21 13:36:41 PST 2005

> Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2005 23:29:16 -0800
> From: rob brown
> Subject: [EM] "scored condorcet", etc

> Therefore, my goal is to come up with a way of producing numerical scores
> from a condorcet election that can be shown, for instance, as a bar graph.

If I remember rightly, Forest and then I came up with MinMax(wv) or
other MinMax Condorcet method.  This is probably the easiest way to get
scores from a Condorcet method.

With MinMax, it is very easy to get the scores of the other candidates.
You don't even need to drop the winning candidate and re-run the method
again in order to work out the score of the runner up.

Is MinMax good enough?


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