[EM] Fwd: IRV splits majorities to empower everyone, & find common ground

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Fri Nov 18 21:35:20 PST 2005


--- IRV Alliance <states at 4irv.com> a écrit :
> more questions:
> 1st, Scott wrote:
> > A parliament IS a legislature.
>     Well, I have seen them differentiated many times.  I thought that 
> legislatures are elected by district, but parliaments are elected by 
> PR and then they appoint a prime minister.

I have heard the distinction between a "congress" and a
"parliament," where the executive is responsible to (and
composed of members of) the latter but not the former.
I don't know a term for a legislature/assembly/chamber that
indicates how its members are elected.

If you say "parliaments are elected by PR," then suddenly
Britain doesn't have a parliament.

Kevin Venzke


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