[EM] Public elections are the ones that matter

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Tue Nov 15 00:26:50 PST 2005

>	"Public elections are the ones that matter"
>	Although governments may be politically omnipotent in theory, in practice
>corporations, schools, unions, religious groups, and nonprofits
>collectively wield an easily comparable amount of power.
>Then please ask your local neighborhood school, or your union, to order
>troops home from Iraq.

	What if the interest groups that Bush relies upon for support (e.g.
evangelical groups, energy companies, etc.) were strongly opposed to the
Iraq war in the first place? Do you think he would have made the same
decision? I doubt it. Policy isn't formed exclusively by governments;
other organizations often play a large role. More democratic organization
of these groups could augment the popular impact on policy.

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