[EM] Question to Warren regarding the Debian page

Warren Smith wds at math.temple.edu
Thu Nov 10 15:28:01 PST 2005

correct - the fact range got different winners in 2 debian elections does not
(alone) indicate it was better.

However, range was the only system of those tried
hich took intensity of preference into account,
and the range ballots we used (assuming they were what the voters inteneded, which
is the most dubious assumption, since they were produced by a cheesy convertor)
did and hence presumably yielded a betetr quality result.

Your jibe about borda and random ballot misses that point.

Anyhow, feel free to tell us what the "right" winner of those
Debian elections was, in your opinion.  It is not easy to say, a priori.
I am simply saying that a case can be made that range's winner was it,
and not ignoring intensity of preference was a reason.

Finally, your jibe about borda also misses a big point, which is that the
range ballots we made were not at all borda-like since they usually exhibited
big "gaps" between the approved and non-approved candidates.

So, you made some correct and some rather hard to defend claims.

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