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Tue Nov 1 16:29:34 PST 2005

On Tue, 1 Nov 2005 bql at bolson.org wrote:

> Tallying with lots of methods is nice, but kinda hard on the implementer.
> I've implemented half a dozen methods myself in my C/C++/Java/Perl code
> (which I ought to update the availability of, it should go up at
> http://bolson.org/voting/dist/ ). I expect, as that's the way I'd run it,
> that if you were to code up an election method and volunteer the source as
> a contribution to the project it'd be gladly accepted and integrated. I
> won't be taking part in this one as I don't do PHP.

Ah, I forget my own website. I still have all my source here:

And specifically here:

For a smattering of implementations in Java, C++ and perl. The Java 
versions are the most well developed.

Brian Olson

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