[EM] sample data?

rob brown rob at karmatics.com
Tue Nov 29 09:30:21 PST 2005

Does anyone know any good sources for sample ballot/pairwise matrix data?

I'm looking for both degenerate cases/extremes, as well as real/realistic
data.  The more samples the better.

I have something I wrote that generates "random" ballots by giving each
candidate a random point in space (an x y and z value within a fixed
volume), and then each voter would get a random point in space, and each
ballot is put in order based on distance from the voter's point to each
candidate's point.  This was helpful, but I don't think it was entirely
realistic (it sort of assumed that voters were exceptionally rational), and
very rarely produced elections without a condorcet winner.  There are
various things that can be adjusted to make it less regular and possibly
more realistic (such as changing the boundaries of the voter space and
candidate space, or randomly tweaking the distances prior to sorting
them)....but still, its just a guess as to what is realistic.  I'd like
something better if its out there.

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