[EM] democracy conference in Madrid December 1-3

Stephen Turner smturner0 at yahoo.es
Mon Nov 28 00:30:35 PST 2005

For anyone else in Madrid (Spain) there is a free
conference this week on "Problems of Democracy".

There is no need to register, and it is free.  All the
sessions are in English.  It is not specifically about
voting methods, but no doubt they will come up.  One
of the lecture titles mentions Condorcet.

The conference is sponsored by the regional government
and others, and the participants are academics from
Europe and the U.S.A.

Time: 4pm Thu Dec 1 to 6pm Sat Dec 3.  
Place: the Salón de Grados, Economics Faculty,
Universidad San Pablo CEU, address C/Julián Romea 23.

It is _not_ mentioned on the university website
www.ceu.es. I think it has been organised at short
notice.  I have a program for it on paper.

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