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rob brown rob at karmatics.com
Mon Nov 21 14:05:00 PST 2005

So Kevin's post got me thinking.....

He suggested assigning candidates a score based upon "number of bullet votes
required to be the condorcet winner". (except, in his description, he
suggested the beatpath winner would always have a score of 0, regardless of
whether he is the condorcet winner). I noted that (aside from the exception
for the beatpath winner), that this is simply the minmax (margins) score.
(well, technically i suppose it would be off by one, since according to his
wording, it would require the additional vote to actually beat, rather than
just tie, all candidates. I don't think the difference is significant)

Now....what if we change it so that, instead of considering the number of
bullet votes (a bullet vote could be defined, in terms of the pairwise
matrix, as adding one to each cell in a candidate's row)...instead we
consider the number of *pairwise* votes required to be the condorcet winner.
In other words, the *sum* of all losing margins, rather than just the
largest one.

What is this method called? it is still a condorcet method, and is still
every bit as simple to calculate as minmax.

Does it have advantages over minmax (margins)? It seems like it might
actually be a little better, since each score will be affected by a greater
number of losing margins, rather than just the largest one.

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