[EM] Fwd: The point is that IRV (not PR) fosters peaceful democracy

IRV Alliance states at 4irv.com
Wed Nov 16 04:18:53 PST 2005

(note: IRV and IRV+/ranked pairs are functionally equivalent for 
encouraging peaceful politics)

1- I thought that Iraq has more of a parliament than a legislature, 
regardless of what it is officially called.  The neo-cons try to 
mislead at every opportunity. 

2-  If they had an IRV-elected president, the leading candidates and 
winner would be leaders for peace.  Even if they had just a had a few 
IRV-elected regional representatives, that would also help moderate 
the partisan PR-elected representatives.

3-Regardless, the point is that IRV democracy fosters peace.  I did 
not say anything about PR.  The fact is that what they are using (PR) 
is very partisan and does not help bring peace at all, obviously.  PR 
elects  extremists.  

   But if Iraq starts using district representation like the U.S., 
AND using IRV, then the most possible # of people will be represented 
by EFFECTIVE politicians with broad non-partisan support.

  Broad majorities will prevail while extremists will learn to 
compromise.  Using PR in Iraq basically poured gasoline on their 
competitive ethnic issues.  The Neo-cons don't give a rat's ass if 
Iraq breaks up and becomes a terrorist-breeding war zone for 20 more 
years, so they set-up a PR system.
   Since peace-oriented moderates have no influence in that system, 
citizens would had no incentive to vote for them anyway, so the 
neocon-sponsoring military contractors can expect to maximize their 
profit as Iraqis export the war around the world.

   I understand there are PR supporters on this list.  I found a 
detailed history of PR in America:
also linked here:
  It can be predicted that Iraqis will eventually reject most PR the 
same way Americans did, so it would be best to encourage IRV/IRV+ 
On Sat, 2005-11-12 at 16:03 +0000, IRV Alliance 
> To the ELection-methods list:
>    The importance of this theory is that IRV or 
IRV+/Ranked Pairs 
> (IRV+ refers to "condorcet" in this message) 
elections should be used 
> in Iraq ASAP to quickly start empowering the 
leaders who can build 
> broad coalitions.  
> How is IRV or Condorcet going to be useful in 
Iraq when the only
elections there seem to be for the legislature, 
and they use
proportional representation?  Are there even any 
single winner

> Thanks,
Scott Ritchie

Is Open-vote a website or what?

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