[EM] Fwd: Peaceful democracy logic needed, also links for new ElectionMethods page

IRV Alliance states at 4irv.com
Sat Nov 12 08:03:05 PST 2005

To the ELection-methods list:
The main reason I support ranked voting is because I know it will be 
best for electing govt. with the widest-possible coalitions without 

  These coalitions will be stronger than any hostile opposition, and 
the effectively requiring the widest coalition means that every 
serious voter will be represented.  (non-serious voters are the ones 
who vote for extremists without majority support)

   The importance of this theory is that IRV or IRV+/Ranked Pairs 
(IRV+ refers to "condorcet" in this message) elections should be used 
in Iraq ASAP to quickly start empowering the leaders who can build 
broad coalitions.  

   Anyway, a new website IRV4peace needs  concise support for this 
theory. If something like this has already been posted here, or if 
members want to help write this up, that could really help.  

   A presentation based on either IRV or IRV+ would be fine, as the 
IRV4Peace page will assume that either system is equally effective 
for our purposes.

  Also, a new website for http://ElectionMethods.com is in the 
works.   It would sure help if you want to submit some suggested 
links or files.  (a yahoo group and Craigslist IRV forum should be 
linked from the page)

The page linked there now isn't even a homepage webpage, just a 
resource until a new page is ready.
 Thanks from the IRV alliance !

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