[EM] debian invalid ballots 2003 / correction/clarification

Warren Smith wds at math.temple.edu
Wed Nov 2 07:55:19 PST 2005

it said of 710 ballots, 533 passed "sig check", meaning 177 were
non-"sig" and hence rejected.  All these passed "LDAP" check.
Then 23 "bad ballots" were rejected, 
leaving 510 valid votes which were tallied.   200/710 is a 28% rejection
rate, which is enormous.  23/533 is a 4.3% rejection rate, which is
also fairly large by USA standards.

I do not know what "SIG" and "LDAP" and "Bad Ballot" mean.
Debian also said there were 488 unique votes.  However, in 2004
the same entry was called "unique voters" which suggests this was a typo
and that voters were allowed to change their votes, with only the final
edition counting, and the actual number of unique votes may have been a lot
less than 488. This hypothesis is correct - I just chcked their raw data
and several "unique" votes are duplicated.

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