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Sun May 15 12:34:59 PDT 2005


--- MIKE OSSIPOFF <nkklrp at hotmail.com> a écrit:
> And so far the question of FBC complaince has been answered for Approval and 
> CR (affirmatively) and for wv, margins, IRV, Plurality, Borda, Bucklin, 
> etc., etc. (negatively).

Bucklin with equal-ranking and empty slots permitted (i.e., median rating)
satisfies it, I'm pretty sure. That includes MCA.

> New methods might require work to establish compliance or noncompliance, but 
> it's so far been determined for a lot of methods. It's unlikely that 
> anything other than CR (including Approval) will pass FBC.

I am more optimistic; I think it just requires special care to satisfy
FBC. I'll post a method that uses pairwise comparisons as soon as I finish
some tests on it.

Kevin Venzke


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