[EM] Re: fixing DMC page on electowiki

Abd ulRahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Tue May 10 19:56:57 PDT 2005

At 01:25 PM 5/10/2005, Araucaria Araucana wrote:
>It appears that you are reading my comments out of context, and are
>also misunderstand the intent of a wiki -- it is a *collaborative*
>site.  See these links: [deleted]

Perhaps it doesn't matter, but I operate several wikis, and I've 
contributed to Wikipedia (though I'm certainly not a wiki expert). I don't 
know why Mr. Araucana got the idea that I didn't understand this basic concept.

An unknown person changed the page and Mr. Araucana changed it back. 
Happens all the time. Since he reported this here, I looked at the page and 
made my comment here.

>So ... have you read the entire web page?  What in particular do you
>find confusing?

The whole page is not exactly a model of clarity, but I did think that I 
understood what Definite Majority Choice meant. But here is how the text in 
question reads now, having been changed back by Mr. Araucana:

> >>        The least-approved candidate in the definite majority set
> >>        pairwise defeats ''all'' higher-approved candidates, including
> >>        all other members of the definite majority set, and is the DMC
> >>        winner.

So the least-approved candidate ... is the winner? Explain this thing to me....

>On every electowiki page there is a tab near the top entitled

Yes. Duh.

>   If you click there, you can add comments or questions.
>I encourage you to do so, after creating a login account, of course.

Well, since Mr. Araucana thinks I'm a newbie to wikis, it is certainly 
helpful for him to point out that I need to create an account on a wiki set 
up that way -- and ones that aren't seem to become spam pages within a few 
days -- but, of course, I'd have found this out for myself if I tried.

>Finally, note that comments are most welcome when they are well
>considered and constructive.

Actually, even stupid and ignorant comments can be very useful.

I do have comments to make, lots of them. But not yet.


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