[EM] Re: Malfunctioning criteria

Russ Paielli 6049awj02 at sneakemail.com
Sat May 7 10:30:26 PDT 2005

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp-at-hotmail.com |EMlist| wrote:

"Approval would pass CC if CC were defined votes-only, as you
yourself said."

Nonsense. Any reasonable definition of the Condorcet Criterion either 
assumes that ranking is allowed or says so explicitly. CC applies to 
ordinal methods only. Duh!

Even with that assumption, a preference-style CC is *not* equivalent to 
the standard ("votes-only") CC *unless* you stipulate that the actual 
votes *are* the voter's true preferences. But if you do that, you might 
as well just use the "votes-only" definition of CC.

This is really just common sense, folks, but some people like to make 
things more complicated than necessary. If your car is stolen, and the 
police ask "What color is your car?," you could say, "The color of my 
car is my favorite color, and my favorite color is blue." But if you're 
a normal person you'll probably just say, "blue."


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