[EM] DMC/RAV vs. Approval

James Green-Armytage jarmyta at antioch-college.edu
Mon May 2 00:38:03 PDT 2005

>I'd like to attempt an informal poll. How many of you out there consider 
>DMC/RAV technically superior to Approval Voting, how many consider it 
>inferior, and how many consider it to be of roughly (or exactly) equal 
>value. If you care to explain, why do you think that? Let's leave 
>complexity and public acceptability aside for now.

	I think that DMC/RAV is almost certainly superior.
	Why? Because it passes Pareto, majority, mutual majority, Condorcet
loser, Condorcet, Smith (actually I believe that Smith compliance implies
the rest of these preceding criteria), and allows voters to vote a full
ranking. Approval does none of the above.
	Unlike DMC/RAV, approval passes consistency and participation, but I
don't consider these criteria to be very important. 
	I prefer AWP to DMC/RAV. AWP uses the same ballot. I like AWP because it
tends to keep defeats that a lot of people feel strongly about, and in the
event of a cycle, tends to drop the defeat(s) that the fewest people feel
strongly about. I also claim that this makes AWP more strategically stable
than DMC/RAV. 
	However, I expect that any strategic problems in DMC/RAV are probably
significantly worse in approval. Hence, I can't think of any compelling
argument for approval over DMC/RAV, except for the simple ballot design
and ease of understandability, which you did not want to weigh in on this


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