[EM] MMPO's name

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Thu May 26 22:38:33 PDT 2005

For public proposals, MMPO won't do as a name. Too long, for one thing. And 
"MinMax" is out because people will reject the proposal immediately because 
it sounds mathematical.

How about Least Unpreferred? Or Least Opposition? Or Most Acceptable? I'm 
not saying that those are  the best public names for MMPO, but they're  my 
first suggestions.

I can just hear the IRVists and Plurality-defenders saying that MMPO or LU 
sounds pessimistic, when it minimizes unpreferred-ness. But expressing that 
unpreferredness via your ballot, and having it counted as such, is what 
allows you to do what you can to keep some greater-evil from being elected 
without having to distort your other preferences, including the one for your 
favorite over everyone, because you never have reason to bury your favorite. 
And the negative scores that you're contributing to for everyone else are 
effectively a positive score for your favorite.

Though LNH isn't what I look for in a method, it is the IRVists' main 
criticism of Condorcet. So it's good to be able to tell IRVists, and their 
propagandees, that MMPO passes LNH. Not that wv fails LNH often enough for 
any advocate of LNH to reasonably object to.

Mike Ossipoff

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