[EM] Goodbye Gerrymandering.

stephane.rouillon at sympatico.ca stephane.rouillon at sympatico.ca
Fri May 13 11:25:05 PDT 2005

The Institut des Statistiques du Quebec provided me with the repartition of people according to their date of birth. 

Using this information to build non-geographical districts based on date of birth, month and some modulo of the year provided the following results: 
for 125 seats (as in the current Assemblee Nationale), one can obtained 125 consecutive districts with a +/- 10% variation. Consecutive means that persons are regrouped using successive birthdays (like january 1st, 2nd and 3rd). Using non-consecutive birthdays to minimize the variations, one can obtain districts with the same population size within a +/- 0.1% margin. 
Of course in both case a special treatment for people born a february 29th puts them with christmas born persons which are less common. 

Birth dates are only one example of how to build non-geography based districts, "astrological" districts in this case. 

Stéphane Rouillon.

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