[EM] WV methods fail FBC with 3 candidates

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Fri May 13 10:59:10 PDT 2005


Consider this profile:

77 A>B>C
57 B>C>A
145 C>A>B
143 C=B>A
80 A>B>C

Defeats are A>B 302:200, B>C 214:145, C>A 345:157.
There is an A>B>C>A cycle in which B>C is the weakest defeat, so that
C is elected.

Notice that the 80 A>B>C voters can turn B into the CW by voting
B>A>C or B>A=C or B>C>A, but not by voting A=B>C or A>B=C or
A=C>B or A>C>B.

I believe this shows that Schulze(wv), Tideman(wv), River, and MinMax(wv)
all fail weak FBC even with three candidates.

Kevin Venzke


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