[EM] London newspaper campaigning for voting reform

Stephen Turner smturner0 at yahoo.es
Thu May 12 08:06:39 PDT 2005

According to recent issues of "The Independent"
(serious London daily paper), there is now momentum
building for voting reform for the House of Commons
(first-past-the-post, single-member constituency at
the moment).

Of course this follows the recent election there. 
There are a number of articles and letters from
readers at the site below.  The paper says that the
result has never been less representative, and that
even Labour MPs (who won the election) are calling for

This is one of the articles:

IRV, Mixed-member proportional (the New Zealand
system), and the actual systems used in neighbouring
countries are all mentioned: no mention of anything
likely to be favoured by most members of this list
(Condorcet, approval).

Some of the content of the web is parked "P" which
isn´t free (I think old content becomes "P" after a
few days, so the above link mightn´t work for you).   Stephen

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