[EM] Markus--You didn't prove that ERIRV(fractional) fails WDSC

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Wed May 4 22:45:38 PDT 2005

The example that was linked to, intended to show that ERIRV(fractional) 
fails WDSC doesn't show that.

So, so far no one has posted an example of ERIRV(fractional) failing WDSC.

I've just now looked at the e-mail, and so I haven't yet had the opportunity 
to check out James's demonstration that ERIRV(fractional) passes WDSC., But 
I post this message now, because it's obvious that the 5-candidate 119 voter 
example does not show that ERIRV(fractional) fails WDSC.

Markus' example might show that it's possible for people to vote in a way 
that elects E. But that isn't what WDSC talks about. The question is: Is 
there a way that those 60 A>E voters could vote that would ensure that E 
won't win, without them having to reverse a preference?

Should we assume that Markus' rankings in that example represent preferences 
rather than votes?

What if those 60 voters ranked equally A and everyone whom they prefer to A?

There isn't time to check that out right now.

Mike Ossipoff

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