[Fwd: Re: [EM] Completed comments on Abd's posting]

Abd ulRahman Lomax abd at lomaxdesign.com
Sun Jun 26 20:21:31 PDT 2005

At 05:53 PM 6/25/2005, Russ Paielli wrote:
>>>Also by the way, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a 
>>>foolproof new election method. I'll call it the Saddam system. Here's 
>>>how it works: you vote for Saddam or you watch your children tortured 
>>>and mutilated (and I mean tortured in the original sense, not just 
>>>disrespecting your holy book).

[and I replied:]
>>Ah, Russ! You and Mr. Ossipoff deserve each other.
>Ah, Abd, you know exactly how best to insult me, don't you!

It seems that Mr. Paielli thought he was defending me. If so, I must say 
that it sailed right by me, and did some collateral damage as it passed. 
What I saw in his statement was a troll for offense. "you" is used in it, 
and clearly the "you" was me. Saddam Hussein is, as was quite correctly 
pointed out, not the subject of this list, and the "new election method" 
was apparently some kind of sarcasm. Now, why would this be said? Why, in 
particular, was it said to me? I remain unable to read it as other than 
hostile, but it often happens that our words take on meanings that we did 
not intend. So I'll leave it as one more unsolved mystery, and I apologize 
to Mr. Paielli. Now, back to election methods....

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