[EM] FBC, Clone-Winner, and pairwise components seem incompatible

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Sat Jun 25 17:01:36 PDT 2005


--- Russ Paielli <6049awj02 at sneakemail.com> a écrit :
> > However, Majority Defeat Disqualification Approval ("MDDA," a good name even
> > without the punctuation) satisfies SFC, which at first glance seems to
> > require a beatpath notion: In practice, it seems to say that if there is a
> > (majority) defeat A>B but no defeat anyone>A, then B can't win, while if I
> > add a win C>A then B is no longer barred from winning. But MDDA "goes beyond
> > the call of duty" by making all of the defeats damning, and if all candidates
> > are damned, then adding C>A can only make A lose, no one else. So MDDA
> > satisfies FBC and SFC without the use of beatpaths, although it does use
> > a pairwise component.
> Kevin,
> You know how I feel about the concept of "majority defeat" for a 
> pairwise race. I believe that *any* pairwise defeat is by definition a 
> "majority" defeat because it requires a majority to vote for the defeat, 
> where "majority" is defined in terms of the number of voters who chose 
> to participate in that particular pairwise race.
> We don't seem to be converging on this, but let me propose a criterion 
> to support my view.

Russ, the point of my message is to discuss which criteria may be compatible
with each other, not to encourage the use of MDDA. In this context I don't
just use the majority defeat concept for fun or aesthetics. If you think you
can do better than MDDA (that is, satisfying the same criteria) then I invite
you to try.

> I'll call it the "Blank Ballot Criterion," or BBC 
> (if that acronym is not already taken). The criterion is that a blank 
> ballot should count as a vote but should not affect the final result. A 
> voter may turn in a blank ballot as a form of protest, indicating that 
> he disapproves of *all* the candidates. His ballot should count as a 
> valid vote, but it should not affect the final result.

On Electowiki this is called "Neutrality of Spoiled Ballots."

> No method that depends on "majority defeats" can pass this criterion if 
> it defines a majority it terms of the total number of voters.

I'm well aware of this. Of course I don't consider NSB/BBC to be a very important

Kevin Venzke


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