[EM] There's indecisiveness, and then there's indecisiveness

Chris Benham chrisbenham at bigpond.com
Tue Jun 7 07:28:00 PDT 2005

Addressing Kevin Venzke, you wrote:

> With such examples, it's easy for MMPO to have a tie. And yes, that's 
> a kind of indecisiveness that wv doesn't have.
> But would it happen in a public election? All it would take is for one 
> voter to not vote exactly like the others in his/her faction. I claim 
> that MMPO's indecisiveness examples won't happen in public elections 
> with thousands of voters.
> So I don't agree that MMPO has a grave problem with indecisiveness. 

Take this often-discussed example:
49: A
24: B
27: C>B

MMPO scores:  A52,  B49, C49.

The result is a tie between B and C.  Which "one vote" would you change 
(and how) to change this result into not a tie?

I think you may have missed, or not taken on board, this KV post:

Chris Benham

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