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On  3 Jun 2005 at 18:59 UTC-0700, Forest Simmons wrote:
> Near the end of his message Mike wrote ...
> It seems to me that the first step of sprucing-up was to eliminate every
> candidate who isn't in a certain selection set. The set of candidates who
> could win without violating BC? And then was that followed immediately by
> the collapsing of beat-clone-sets? A two-part procedure?Anyway, I guess I'll
> keep looking. But Forest, could you post the full complete definition when
> you get a chance to?
> Forest replies:
> The "certain selection set" evolved over time from Smith, to Uncovered, to
> 	Banks, to Duda, to "Minimal Covering Set," and yes, that step was
> 	followed by clone collapsing, but I abandoned the spruce up quest for
> 	two reasons:
> 1.  It satisfied Smith, which I came to believe was too restrictive.  [And we
> 	suspect that Smith is incompatible with the FBC.]
> 2. Spruced up random ballot turned out to be non monotonic, due to the
> 	restriction to the Uncovered Set (or its more restrictive
> 	subsets). And I suspect that clone collapsing by itself could also
> 	impair monotonicity; I'm not sure.
> So the method never came to a definitive form. 
> The nearest it came to a definitive form was in a posting that I wrote in
> 	reply to somebody that wanted to do a Wiki page on it.  I'll try to
> 	find that if you want me to.  Ted Stern was following the discussion
> 	pretty closely back then; perhaps he can find it.

This is a fairly complete description of "sprucing up".


1) Eliminate covered candidates
2) Collapse 'beat clones'.

Search for anything by Forest or containing 'spruced' or 'sprucing' in
the subject in the December 2004 archive, and you'll find most of it.


Eventually Markus posted examples of how a spruced up method would
fail monotonicity.  January? February?

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