[EM] AERLO & CL-patch for MMPO

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 1 16:16:38 PDT 2005


For use with MMPO, it would be better if AERLO doesn't mention cycles at 
all. It should just say:

A voter may specify a line in his/her ranking, to indicate that if no 
above-line candidate wins, then s/he wants to promote all above-line 
candidates to 1st place, and have a recount.

[end of MMPO AERLO definition]

The purpose of the cycle stipulation in AERLO for wv was to avoid 
unnecessary activation of AERLO. But, just in looking at it briefly, I 
haven't noticed any bad results caused by that unnecessary activation.

So maybe, for wv too, it would be just as well, or even better, to use AERLO 
as defined above, just as for MMPO. I haven't checked it out thoroughly. 
When in doubt, don't change things--so, for now, I'll leave AERLO for wv as 
it is, activated only if no above-line candidate wins, and if there's a 
circular tie with above-line and below-line candidates. Quite possibly that 
last "and" clause isn't needed, but for now I'll leave it in.

I've likewise defined ATLO with that "and" clause about cycles. I keep that 
clause, both for wv and for MMPO, because of the co-operation/defection use 
of ATLO.

The CL-patch:

Probably a better way to ensure CL compliance would be to just say that if 
the winner is Condorcet Loser, then the winner is the non-Condorcet-loser 
with the best MMPO score., the fewest pairwise votes against him/her in a 
pairwise comparison.

That seems better because it makes the least change in MMPO.  Besides, why 
should votes against you be disregarded because they vote a Condorcet loser 
over you. That would be especially discrediting.

But I emphasize that I wouldn't recommend the CL-patch unless it could be 
shown that it wouldn't affect MMPO's FBC guarantee. It should only be added 
if an initiative committee refuses to run MMPO any other way, or if it's 
certain the the public insists on absolute CL compliance. For me, even the 
slightest weakening of MMPO's FBC guarantee would, to a large extent, defeat 
the purpose of MMPO.

Mike Ossipoff

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