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The problem with our Plurality voting system is that many voters feel 
compelled to vote for a lesser-evil, abandoning their favorite. The voting 
systems below were chosen because, with them, no one ever has any incentive 
or reason to vote someone over their favorite.

Please mark a checkmark or an "x" in the box next to the methods that you 
would vote for the enaction of, or sign an intiative petition for. I should 
add that I claim that these are all acceptable, and that any one of them 
would greatly improve our political system:

A. Point systems:

1. You may give to any candidate any number of points, from 0 to 10. The 
candidate getting the most points wins. [ ]

2. Same as above, but you may give to any candidate any number of points 
from -10 to 10. [ ]

3. Same as above, but you may give to any candidate either -1, 0, or 1 
point. [ ]

4. Same as above, but you may give to any candidate either 1 point or 0 
points. [ ]

(This latter one, #4, is called "Approval voting", and is used to choose the 
Secretary General of the U.N., and to choose officers for various technical 
societies. It has been shown that the others listed above it are 
strategically equivalent to it. Approval can be implemented with no change 
in ballot or balloting equipment).

B. Rank method (You rank candidates in order of preference--1st choice, 2nd 
choice, etc.) :

1. Majority Choice:

A candidate is disqualified if another candidate is ranked over him by a 
majority. The winner is the un-disqualified candidate who is ranked by the 
most voters. (With Majoritiy Choice, you'd want to rank only the better 
candidates). [ ]


If you have enough additional time, and preferences among these methods, 
rank these methods in order of preference, by placing a 1 in the box by your 
1st choice, a 2 by your 2nd choice, etc. Rank as many or as few methods as 
you want to.

A1 [ ]
A2 [ ]
A3 [ ]
A4 [ ]

B1 [ ]

[end of ballot]

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