[Fwd: Re: [EM] Completed comments on Abd's posting]

Russ Paielli 6049awj02 at sneakemail.com
Sat Jun 25 14:53:31 PDT 2005

> At 03:55 AM 6/24/2005, Russ Paielli wrote:
>> MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp-at-hotmail.com |EMlist| wrote:
>>> Abdul says:
>>> I intend to set a filter for Mr. Ossipoff, I'd rather not expose myself
>>> routinely to the temptation to comment again on his writing
>>> I comment:
>>> That's good news. An idiot considerate enough to quit commenting.
>>> Mike Ossipoff
>> It always seems to boil down to the same thing, doesn't it.
> Note that, in such a contentious environment, we have been able to reach 
> complete consensus. All agree on the value of my abstaining from 
> response to Mr. Ossipoff. As to idiocy, well, it is idiocy indeed to 
> waste effort trying to convince idiots. Again, I'd expect we'd all agree 
> on that.
>> Also by the way, I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce a 
>> foolproof new election method. I'll call it the Saddam system. Here's 
>> how it works: you vote for Saddam or you watch your children tortured 
>> and mutilated (and I mean tortured in the original sense, not just 
>> disrespecting your holy book).
> Ah, Russ! You and Mr. Ossipoff deserve each other.

Ah, Abd, you know exactly how best to insult me, don't you!

> You make a lot of assumptions, don't you?

Assumptions? That Saddam Hussein tortured children and initmidated 
voters? You call those "assumptions"?

> Has it ever occurred to you  that a habit of
> gratuitous insult, or the attempt at same, might be a sign of some 
> deeper difficulty?

Yes, that is entirely possible. However, in this case I'd say it applies 
more to you than me, considering that you insulted me even though I was 
trying to *defend* you. And whom did I insult, by the way? Saddam 
Hussein? If an insult of Saddam is a personal insult to you, sir, then 
I'd say you have a problem. And I say that with all due respect.

Also, judging from your "brief" political statement, I'd say you clearly 
have much more in common with Mike Ossipoff than I do -- including an 
interesting notion of what the word "brief" means. In fact, I'd say you 
deserve each other. I'll look forward to the full multi-volume debate 
right here on EM to see which of you is the more ignorant about world 
politics. We may need to beef up the disc storage for this one!

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