[EM] Ted, 6/24/05,2124 GMT

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 24 14:48:40 PDT 2005

Ted says:

but one might assume from Mike Ossipoff's
posting style that he has no personal computer of his own and uses
only web-based email.

I comment:

Ted apparently is all confused about what this list's topic is. The topic 
isn't whether or not Mike has a personal computer, or what kind of e-mail 
service Mike uses.

I suggest that Ted needs to confine his postings to this list's topic, 
instead of posting, without provocation, messages that are entirely about a 
listmember (and one who hasn' t said anytyhing to or about him), and not 
about the list's topic. It's the idiots who post such messages who cause the 
trouble on EM. You'll notice that every unpleasant exchange always begins 
with such a jackass.

Ted continues:

Which might explain some of his seemingly cavalier attitude about
recommending that other people do his work for him

I comment:

I had already explained this several times in a reply, before Ted posted 
this message. But apparently it's necessary to repeat it again for Ted: At 
no time did I recommend or ask that James, instead of me, should do the 
"work" of making changes in the ballot order. The work would consist of 
moving MMPOpt from the bottom of the ballot to a position directly under 

Yes, I did recommend that when someone is posting a poll, it would be better 
to order the alternatives differently, and not have so many of them. But it 
isn't quite clear why Ted thinks that the posting of someone else's poll is 
my work. I may or may not have suggeseted that the ballot order should be 
improved in that particular ballot. But, if I did, I didn't say that James, 
rather than I, should do the actual work of moving MMPOpt from the bottom of 
the ballot to a position directly under MMPO.

Had I specifically asked James to do it, I would have given him specific 
instructions instead of just making general comments.

After saying that people's favorites should be near the top, I mentioned 
that my favorite was near the bottom, beneath many alternatives that are no 
one's favorite. Not a whine, but a statement about how things could be done 
better next time. But there was no instruction, requrest, or recommendation 
that James should do the work of moving that method.

I'd said all these things before. I said them more than once, because Abdul 
made his statements more than once in the posting that I was replying to. I 
shouldn't have to repeat it again for Ted. It's said that we shouldn't say 
uncomplimentary things about others, so I won't speculate about whether Ted 
is dishonest, or just stupid.

Ted continues:

-- he simply lacks
the facilities (and hence the expertise) to do it himself.

I comment:

What facilities and expertise does it take to cut and paste an alternative 
from one ballot position to another? It certainly doesn't require owning a 
computer. Neither does it require expertise had only by those who own a 
computer. So what is it that Ted means? I doubt that Ted knows what he 
means. Dishonest or stupid? I won't try to guess.

Mike Ossipoff

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