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Sun Jun 12 19:29:59 PDT 2005

I've been emphasizing favorite-burial, because it's relevant to MMPO vs wv, 
but previously I considered equal ranking to be the main top-end wv 
strategy, and that's probably more accurate.

In wv, favorite-burial's advantage is for when it's necessary to eliminate a 
defeat, to eliminate that defeat's votes-against being counted against a 
compromise candidate, because equal ranking woudn't reduce that defeat 
enough. Of course it would be necessary to know which compromise candidate 
is the one that it would be most profitable to help in that way.

Equal ranking in 1st place, on the other hand helps in the more general 
case, when it's only necessary to reduce a votes-against, rather than 
eliminate one by eliminating a defeat.

A big advantage of equal ranking is that it isn't necessary to know which 
acceptable candidate is most likely to be made to win in that way. Equal 
ranking the acceptable candidates in 1st place eliminates your votes against 
them all.

Of course in PC (also called MMWV), it's a matter of reducing or eliminating 
a votes-against. And in BeatpathWinner it's a matter of reducing or 
eliminating a beatpath to that compromise candidate.
CSSD and SSD can be regarded as being like BeatpathWinner in that regard.

Of course, in BeatpathWinner, reducing or eliminating a defeat could reduce 
or eliminate one or more beatpaths to any candidate, including the worse 
ones and the better ones. But one thing for sure is that it reduces or 
eliminates one or more beatpaths to the candidate whose defeat it is. So, if 
that candidate is among the acceptable candidates, doing that increases the 
probability that an acceptable candidate will win.

I haven't determined this for sure, but, just as a guess, it seems to me 
that the necessary conditions for equal ranking to help are more likely than 
the necessary conditions for favorite-burial to help. Making an acceptable 
candidate win by lowering a votes-against seems more likely than the need to 
make one win by eliminating a votes-against. And part of eliminating a 
votes-against is knowing which candidate is the most promising one to do 
that for. That need reduces the probability that it will help.

For those reasons, I suspect (but haven't demonstrated) that equal ranking 
will usually increase the probability of an acceptable candidate winning 
more than favorite-burial will.

If that's so, then, for the voter who knows that, that fact reduces the FBC 
advantage of MMPO vs SSD.

But, from the start, I've valued MMPO's FBC compliance, not so much for me, 
but for the lesser-of-2-evils voter. Such a voter's favorite-burial is 
unaffected by the matter of whether the favorite-burial makes any sense. You 
can observe that in the giveaway-sucker voting in Plurality, by our many 
gullible lesser-of-2-evils voters, led by the nose like so many cattle, by 
the media in which they seem to place so much trust. You know, the ones I've 
referred to as having their head up their tv.

When you consider the harm that that lesser-of-2-evils stupidy and 
media-gullibility does to our election results, our political system, the 
country that we reside in, and the world, then you might agree that it's 
rather silly for Abd ul to get so indignant because I critized that giveaway 
stupidity in frank language.

You know what's funny? Progressives often imply that the working people who 
voted for Bush were stupid. Well sure, they were voting against their 
interest. What the lesser-of-2-evils progressives seem to be missing is that 
they voted against their interest when they voted for SleazeKerry.

But the Kerry progressives voted with a degree of stupidity that exceeds 
that of the working Bush voters. At least the Bush voters voted for what 
they liked and wanted! The Kerry progressives knew that Kerry promised the 
opposite to everything that they want. (Notice, Abd ul, that the best 
example of that was Kerry's promise to continue the war against Iraq, 
increasing the number of troops with which to kill Arabs whose oil and land 
is coveted by those who run this country).

The Kerry progressives were knowingly voting against what they wanted, and 
that makes them stupider than the Bush voters.

Oh, excuse me, Abd ul, I've use "gratuitous insult" again.

Mike Ossipoff

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