[EM] Re: Kerry-Nader negotiation initiative

Rob Brown rob at karmatics.com
Thu Sep 2 14:47:18 PDT 2004

Paul Kislanko <kislanko <at> airmail.net> writes:
> If Kerry were even to ACKNOWLEDGE Nader, Bush would win in a landslide
> because most of the reluctant Kerry voters still blame Nader for "electing"
> Bush. 

Lemme try to follow your logic.

Kerry voters are angry at Nader for causing Bush to be elected.

However, if Nader tries to NOT do the same thing this time around, they are 
still so angry about last time, that they will.....what, vote for Bush?  Sit 
home and not vote, so they can now be angry at themselves for "electing" Bush?


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