[EM] More easily hand-counting three-slot Condorcet

Kevin Venzke stepjak at yahoo.fr
Sun Nov 7 14:20:37 PST 2004


 --- Paul Kislanko <kislanko at airmail.net> a écrit : 
> Kevin Venzke wrote:
> >  My intended strategy is to discard "noise"
> > candidates.  For example, again:
> > 
> > 9 A>B>C
> > 8 B>C>A
> > 7 C>A>B
> > 
> > I don't want to see B win here.  Nine A voters will kick themselves
> > if B wins.  The best resolution seems to be to pretend the (clearly)
> > weakest candidate, C, didn't run.
> Well, *I* would not to want to see A win, since if A did 15 voters would
> kick YOU.
> Ad hoc adjustments to get "your" choice to win only work if you're Tom
> Delay.

What "ad hoc adjustment" are you talking about?  All WV methods elect A
here.  Do you mean to express a preference for Jobst's measure, which
elects B?  Did you notice that 16 voters prefer A to B?

(Actually, I already know what your response to this will be: "I don't 
know or care what you and Jobst are talking about, but [insert several 
paragraphs of something unrelated]."  Am I close?)

Kevin Venzke


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