[EM] forum now ranks all candidates in poll result...

Anguo maanguo at giga.net.tw
Mon Nov 29 06:50:06 PST 2004

I updated the forum today, so now the result of a Condorcet 
poll show all the candidates ranked from the overall 
Condorcet winner down to the last candidate. The winners 
are calculated recursively according to the Cloneproof 
Condorcet SSD (Schwartz Sequential Dropping) voting 
Now, the only thing missing are votes to make the polls 
somewhat relevant and significant, especially in the super 
EM-list ballot with 45 candidates...

Warning: due to the heavy number crunching in the large 
Condorcet ballot, timeouts are possible.  Keep trying. 
There's no problem with voting though...

Also, In Approval and Plurality polls, the results are now 
ordered from the highest vote getter downwards.


Condorcet, Approval alternative, better voting methods.

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