[EM] Approval with AERLO

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 20 18:20:33 PST 2004

When I mentioned  CR with AERLO & ATLO, I described one way someone could 
use it, for 2-stage Approval voting, using CR as Approval.

Well, of course, what can be done when using CR as Approval could also be 
done with Approval.

So I must take back my statement that the 2-stage Approval use of AERLO 
makes CR with AERLO surpass Approval with AERLO. Of course it's still true 
that AERLO makes sincere voting in CR much more strategically feasible than 
it wouild otherwise be.

So, in Approval with AERLO,  place your AERLO line below the candidates whom 
you'd vote for in Approval. Then, among the above-line candidates, vote for 
the ones for whom you'd vote if the election were only between the 
above-line candidates. In that way you can fully help an above-line 
candidate whom you like more to beat an above-line candidate whom you like 
less--while still doing all that you can to ensure that one of your 
above-line candidates wins.

Mike Ossipoff

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