[EM] Ossipoff's lost 8 proofs now supplied by Adam Tarr Re: [EM] Clarifying the definitions

Adam Tarr atarr at purdue.edu
Sat Jan 31 12:56:02 PST 2004

I recognize the futility in arguing with Craig, but I'll say a few things.

Craig Carey wrote:

>Adam Tarr wrote:
> >
> >This is, in my opinion, the crucial difference between the (non-academic)
> >criteria that Mike uses, and the standard academic criteria.  Normal
> >academic criteria essentially tell you something about how a method handles
> >a certain set of ballots.
>Is this incomprehensible?, or is it more safely called untrue ? (why
>doesn't their wording talk about initial preferences?):

As Markus pointed out, "ballots" and "initial preference order" are 
essentially equivalent statments in most academic criteria.

>the wordings don't make that sort of thing plain. But we do know that
>the students know that the real rules are still in Mike's brain and
>the ones on the webpage are never really clearly said to be exactly
>the same. If there are big differences then Mike won't tell us.

What you really mean here is that Mike's criteria are not defined in the 
way you consider logically complete.

>Last time I asked you a question you made a really obvious show of
>pretending to withhold information that you claimed to have and really
>did not have. After more than a few messages, you did not make the
>information available.

I never claimed to have the information you wanted (a FBC definition that 
would satisfy you).  I was subjected to an unending stream of insults, however.

>Lying in public is a trait of devottees of Mike Guru Ottisoff.

1)  I'm not a liar.
2)  I'm not a devotee of any gurus.

>A quick search on the e-mail address "atarr at purdue.edu" finds nothing
>at all, at www.google.com and at groups.google.com.

Funny... I get 80 hits.  And "Adam Tarr" (in quotes so it's one word) gets 
1,110 (although there's other Adam Tarrs mixed in there).  Probably just a 
typo when you searched it.  (See how I didn't accuse you of being a 
liar?  It's not that hard to not be an asshole, Craig.  I urge you to try 
it sometime.)

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