PR vs. Geographic Representation [WAS: RE: [EM] Bill Lewis, never re-district]

James Gilmour jgilmour at
Wed Jan 28 01:45:01 PST 2004

> Bill Lewis Clark wrote:
> I'm basically just against PR, probably on gut reaction more 
> than anything else (I *like* geographic representation, quite 
> possibly just because it's been drilled into my skull as a 
> good thing ever since I was young.)

Have you ever wondered who was drilling that into your skull and why they might want do that?  Some
who would keep us from the light don't always have the best of motives.

> Also, I really don't like how PR seems to tie us to a party 
> system.  Given that we already have a party system here in 
> the US, I suppose that's a moot point -- but I still don't 
> feel comfortable giving parties that much more leverage.

That depends on the type of PR you adopt.  If you were to adopt any party list system of PR (closed
list, open list, MMP) you would give the parities more leverage.  But if you adopted STV-PR (Choice
Voting) you could shift the balance of power away from the parties to the voters.  It is then up to
the voters whether they use the power they have been given.

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