PR vs. Geographic Representation [WAS: RE: [EM] Bill Lewis, never re-district]

Bill Lewis Clark wclark at
Tue Jan 27 09:50:35 PST 2004

Bill Lewis Clark wrote:

>> I'm also against re-districting.  Ever.

Anthony Duff challenged:

> How much thought have you put into that?

Not terribly much.

The points you raise (which I've left out because I'm not going to address
them individually) are all valid.

I'm basically just against PR, probably on gut reaction more than anything
else (I *like* geographic representation, quite possibly just because it's
been drilled into my skull as a good thing ever since I was young.)

Also, I really don't like how PR seems to tie us to a party system.  Given
that we already have a party system here in the US, I suppose that's a
moot point -- but I still don't feel comfortable giving parties that much
more leverage.

I also realize that the biggest problem with geographic representation is
the inherent difficulty in redistricting (again, a problem primarily due
to party politics.)  So I figured I'd adopt an extreme stance, and hope
for some debate.  (Sorry, that's the troll in me.)

It's pretty clear that *some* redistricting has to occur.  I still think
it happens too frequently.  But I'll have to actually give it some more
thought, to figure out precisely how and when I think it should occur.

-Bill Clark

Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004

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