[EM] Approval satisfies CC

wclark at xoom.org wclark at xoom.org
Tue Jan 27 22:07:01 PST 2004

Bill Lewis Clark wrote:

> CC doesn't say anything about requiring "fully specified" preferences.

I skipped over this part (because I figured I already knew what a "sincere
vote" was, but apparently not:)

[ From http://www.electionmethods.org/evaluation.htm ]

> A sincere vote is one with no falsified preferences or preferences
> left unspecified when the election method allows them to be specified
> (in addition to the preferences already specified).

In any event, Approval still satisfies this constraint.  According to this
definition, it's only possible to vote insincerely under Approval if:

1) Only one candidate is preferred (and all others equally disdained), but
not approved.
2) All candidates are equally preferred except for one, but that single
candidate is approved.

Otherwise, Approval escapes the clause because any preferences it leaves
unspecified aren't allowed to be specified by the election method.

It still looks like Approval satisfies CC, under the same sort of
interpretation given for MC.  (At least as these two criteria are depicted
on the electionmethods.org website.)

-Bill Clark

Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004

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