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Tue Jan 27 21:46:11 PST 2004

[ Quoting from http://www.electionmethods.org/evaluation.htm ]

> In Approval Voting, a candidate is "voted higher" by being "approved"
> rather than "disapproved."

> If one candidate is preferred over each of the other candidates, that
> candidate is the Ideal Democratic Winner (IDW).

> Condorcet Criterion (CC)
> If all votes are sincere, the Ideal Democratic Winner should win if
> one exists.

Under Approval, if one candidate is preferred / voted higher / approved
more than each of the other candidates, then that candidate will win.

Therefore Approval meets CC.

> Non-ranking methods such as Plurality and Approval could not possibly
> comply with the Condorcet Criterion because they do not allow each
> voter to fully specify their preferences.

CC doesn't say anything about requiring "fully specified" preferences.

"Preferred" and "voted higher" mean the same thing, under any reasonable
interpretation.  If Approval satisfies MC, it also satisfies CC.

-Bill Clark

Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004

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