[EM] Re: Advocating Condorcet

Andrew Myers andru at cs.cornell.edu
Tue Jan 27 19:31:02 PST 2004

> From: Eric Gorr <eric at ericgorr.net>
> Just an idea...
> Now that the Oscar nominations are out, if possible, run your own 
> Oscar vote among a large group of people. Personally, I belong to a 
> rather large movie group in the DC area and am doing just this. Not 
> sure how much participation I will end up with, but I am hoping...
> I basically what I am doing is just asking people to rank their 
> preferences in the various categories, without yet mentioning the 
> method (don't want to hit them with everything at once).

The Condorcet Internet Voting System web site I set up
is a nice way to set up such elections over the net.



-- Andrew

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