[EM] Sincere rankings in the methods comparison test

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 4 00:54:01 PST 2004

To dramatically bring out the difference between winning-votes and margins, 
there should be examples in which some non-middle voters truncate their 
rankings or reverse the order of their 2nd & last choices.

For IRV, sincere rankings are fine, because IRV has its serious strategy 
problems even if everyone votes sincerely.

In Approval, everyone should vote strategically. When there's no information 
about other voters' preferences or voting plans, people should vote for the 
above-mean candidates. But if the voter doesn't have ratings, but only a 
ranking of the candidates, then, as I said, s/he should vote for the best 
half of the candidates. That means that, for a group having a particular 
sincere ranking, half will vote for the middle candidate, as I was saying in 
a previous posting.

So: Maybe specify everyone's sincere rankings, and then, for the actual 
ballots, vary the strategy.

Have some examples where whole 1st-choice-cohorts refuse to rank a 2nd 
choice or reverse their last 2 choices, in order to bring out the difference 
between winning votes and margins.

Have voters in Approval vote for the best half of the candidates, meaning 
that, for a group sharing a particular sincere ranking, half of them vote 
for their middle candidate.

For IRV, have them all vote sincerely, to show what happens to them when 
they do.

Mike Ossipoff

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