[EM] Approval strategy for the methods comparison test

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 4 00:26:01 PST 2004

In the examples for the test, rankings are specified.

When the only information a voter has is his ranking of the candidates, when 
he doesn't have utility ratings of the candidates, and knows nothing about 
how others will vote, then the best Approval strategy is to vote for the 
best half of the candidates.

If there are an odd number of candidates, then flip a coin to decide whether 
to vote for the middle one. (Of course you might have a feel for whether to 
vote for him, but we must assume that these simulated voters don't, and that 
they flip a coin).

Among voters sharing a certain 3-candidate ranking, if they all flip a coin 
to decide whether to vote for their middle candidate, that means about half 
of them will vote for him.

So, for a group of voters sharing a 3-candidate preference ordering, have 
half of them vote for their middle candidate.

If 40 vcters have the preference ordering ABC, then half of them vote for B.

Mike Ossipoff

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