[EM] Re: "Implied ranked choice" method

Rob Brown rob at karmatics.com
Tue Aug 31 16:16:20 PDT 2004

James Gilmour <jgilmour <at> globalnet.co.uk> writes:
> If you really believe in democracy as representation of the people I don't 
see how you can support
> any form of so called "proxy voting" in which you hand over this critical 
decision of choosing YOUR
> representative(s) to a candidate or a party.  The support for proxy voting 
on this list quite
> literally amazes me.

Does it bother you that you can't make all decisions in government, but have 
to trust the person you elected to make them for you?  It should, by that 

In the system I proposed, you really aren't "handing anything over", because 
you can see, prior to voting, what each candidates' list is.  The only 
difference between this system and a manually ranked one is that there are 
less variations to choose from.  It is like when you go to McDonalds, and they 
offer a small, medium and large drink....do you complain that you can't get 
soemthing in between?

In practice, I believe this system would eliminate 99% of the problems of 
plurality, while making the process of voting at most 5% more complex 
(although, actually I think it makes it less complex, because you no longer 
have a strong incentive to vote insincerely....in general you can pick the 
candidate you like the most and be done with it).


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