[EM] Using weights to compensate multiple votes (It's mostly about PR)

Adam Tarr atarr at purdue.edu
Wed Aug 25 08:57:29 PDT 2004

For those who didn't read the appendix - here's a brief summary of 
Belgium's elections.  Party list voting decides the number of seats per 
party.  Within a given party, you may either vote for the standard party 
order, in which case your vote is treated like a STV vote, or you may vote 
for multiple candidates, which essentially gives you the power of multiple 
voters, although your votes do not transfer.  But so many voters vote the 
standard order that it ends up dominating anyway.

Philippe Errembault wrote:

>Some people among us think that we just should divide the votes
>by the number of candidates you favored (if you vote for N
>candidates, each one will receive 1/N vote) but I think this is not
>fair, since if you vote for each candidates but one in the list, your
>vote will not express more than if you vote only for one candidate.
>In fact you will favor the party order. By the way, this solution would
>even be worse for the FBC.

Better would be to abandon the "case de tête" option altogether.  If folks 
are too lazy to vote for candidates within the party, then just count their 
vote for how many seats the party gets overall.

As far as how to count the votes within the party, I'd suggest proportional 
Approval voting:



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